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Business Concierge Service

The J@pan Concierge Service will provide wide-ranging services to help overseas firms succeed in Japan. The J@pan Concierge staff, with experience in helping foreign firms launch their businesses in Japan, will act as advisers in such areas as Japanese market strategies, funding, incorporating, legal affairs, personnel hiring and media relations.


Japanese market strategy

  • We will advise you on whether to incorporate, or merge with a Japanese business partner. This is crucial when launching a business in Japan.


  • We will help you partner with Japanese or foreign venture capital firms to fund your business.

Japanese incorporation

  • We will support you through the complex incorporation procedure, answer all your questions about incorporating and revisions in the law that govern it.

  • In setting up factories, distribution, research and/or call centers, we will negotiate with municipalities that are trying to attract business to their areas, compare simulated costs and find the least expensive route to your business establishment.

  • Itoki, HItachi Information Systems and LINC Media will form a team to find the most cost-effective way to set up your business in Japan in the shortest amount of time.

Personnel Hiring

  • We will introduce you to a variety of potential employees through our contacts with employee recruiting firms well before your entry into the Japanese market. You'll have access to everyone from Japanese managers to engineers.

Marketing Support

  • We will provide you with marketing strategies designed to boost your business opportunities and raise your profile in a short amount of time.

  • We will produce your Japanese website, pamphlets and other marketing tools.

  • We will handle press releases, setting up interviews with leading media, and manage effective PR campaigns.

Finding residences for the foreign staff and other types of support

  • We will find housing for the foreign staff and help with contract-related matters.

  • We will connect you to internationals schools.

  • We will perform other essential duties to assist you through your daily life in Japan.

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