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Business Matching


For foreign firms with little or no name recognition in Japan, trying to establish a business here can seem like an impossible task. Language, customs and even business practices are different.

Business matchmaking is what we do best. It stands out as a unique and attractive option on the J@pan Concierge's wide-ranging menu of services to help you find customers, agents and business partners.

Itoki Corp., a J@pan Concierge member firm, is a leading office manufacturer with 20,000 Japanese clients that include the following:

government and municipal agencies, public firms, schools, hospitals, financial and securities institutions, insurance firms, and companies in such industries as fisheries, agriculture, mining, construction, fiber, food, pulp, chemicals, oil and coal, rubber, glass, earth and stone, steel, nonferrous metals, metals, machinery, electric machines and equipment, transportation equipment, precision equipment, as well as in manufacturing, commercial, real estate, marine and air transportation, communications, electricity, newspaper publishing, publishing and service industries \ virtually the entire business sector in Japan.

Hitachi Information Systems, Ltd., another J@pan Concierge member, is a reputable IT service firm in Japan providing extensive IT infra and system integrations for a large number of Japanese firms. It is also one of the Hitachi Group companies whose combined workforce totals 242,000.

By using Itoki and Hitachi's network of business associations, we will introduce you to the Japanese companies that best suit your business needs. We will also develop your customer base and find you agencies and/or business partners.

Business Partnership

What you gain by using J@pan Concierge Service's matchmaking service:

  • We will contact your potential client firms that are right for your business. We can quickly find out whether there's demand for your company's goods, technology or services.

  • Our contacts within the Japanese corporate circle are extensive. Because of that we know the right people to talk to.

  • We can approach Japanese firms all over the country.

  • Your customer-base and agencies will have been established well before your entry into Japan, making your business launch smooth and fast.

    Note: The J@pan Concierge Service's business matchmaking service cannot promise or guarantee customers and business partners.

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