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Hitachi Information Systems, Ltd.

Hitachi Information Systems, Ltd. has remained at the forefront of the IT service market since its establishment in 1959. Throughout this period, we have accumulated a wealth of experience and expanded our areas of business by providing information systems to organizations in diverse fields. As a direct result, we are able to deal with the rapid changes of today's business environment and provide high-quality solutions that "Think of customer satisfaction first" We are committed to the continued advanced of "The Best Application Solution" - innovations that provide our customers with the best possible business environment and IT services that serve to boost corporate value. To provide even better value - added IT services we must accelerate and consolidate key businesses, while creating strategic new businesses. With this understanding, we will reform our business management organization and boost our ability to implement our business strategies reliably, while building an even speedier response time to assist customers.

Hitachi Information Systems, Ltd.

Each and every employee is dedicated to continual enhancement, with the goal of providing the utmost in high-value added services for maximum customer satisfaction. Experience the advantages we can bring to your business; experience "The Best Application Solution".

 VXeY Hitachi Information Systems, Ltd.
1-2-1, Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-8672 Japan
e-mail : faindesk.h@hitachijoho.com
url : http://www.hitachijoho.com/eng/company/@

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