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Here's how the J@pan Concierge Service works.

Step 1

You may be looking to do business in Japan, find an agency or customers that are interested in your goods or services, or you may just want to set up an office here. All you have to do is contact the J@pan Concierge Service.

Price: Free

  Step 2

Once you've reached us, we will discuss via email or telephone the products, technology or services you have to offer. (The J@pan Concierge Service can handle most, but not all, products and businesses.)

Price: Free

  Step 3

Once we've agreed to work together, we will go through our business network and introduce your products or services to Japanese firms. We will investigate the Japanese market's needs and demands with regards to your products and line up potential business partners for you.

Price: We may charge a small fee (transportation, Japanese-language material production fee, etc.). You will be notified of all charges in advance.

  Step 4

Once we've established that there's demand for your goods, we will schedule your meetings with Japanese firms that focus on the domestic market. We will also launch a more involved marketing campaign.

Price: J@pan Concierge Service will provide you with an estimate.

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