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ITOKI Corporation

Established in 1890, Itoki is a major office furniture manufacturer and seller in Japan. Its products are used in the halls of national and local governments and in universities throughout Japan. It's client list totals more than 20,000 companies.

Itoki makes a wide range of furniture, from its traditional desks, chairs and cabinets to furniture used in research and distribution centers as well as supermarkets and department stores. Most of these items are designed and manufactured in Japan.

Itoki has another specialty beyond making high-end office furniture: It also offers an an excellent office design service.

Itoki has designed a wide variety of work spaces, blending in the IT systems with the furniture. It has created spaces for financial institutions, Japan offices for foreign companies, commercial spaces for department stores and supermarkets as well as the offices of large corporations.

ITOKI Corporation

Here in the world's second largest market, land is limited. Itoki helps you use limited office space to make a comfortable work area. Its furniture reflects the best in Japanese craftsmanship and fits effectively in smaller areas. Finally, Itoki's excellent office design know-how helps reduce cost and yet retain cutting-edge functions in your office, factory, storage area, research center or other business facility.

3-6-14, Irifune, Chuou-ku, Tokyo 104-004 Japan
url : http://www.itoki.jp/english/
tel +81-3-3206-6100
fax +81-3-3206-6016

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