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IT Support Service

The alliance between LINC Media and Hitachi Information Systems gives foreign firms entering Japan the chance to have unique and complete IT support.

ArrowBilingual Engineer Outsourcing

With every office one of our clients sets up, we offer bilingual technical support (maintenance, troubleshooting, PC/server support). It's the best of both worlds for newcomers to Japan: You can work with an engineer who can handle both Japanese and English systems, but you don't have to hire that person full-time.

Bilingual Engineer Outsourcing

ArrowBilingual Support

You can speak to us in English (or German or Chinese or Korean) and your Japan-based employees can speak to us in Japanese. We help make the connection put together the resources, execute the project, then report the solutions-- all in the appropriate native language(s) .

Bilingual Support

ArrowData Center

Hitachi Information Systems has data centers in 19 places throughout Japan, including Tokyo, Kanagawa Prefecture and Osaka. The system operating technology has been consolidated at these centers to offer service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year as well as two-way access, private electrical facilities, earthquake-proof facilities and security maintenance using biometric authentification. These centers have taken some of the best safety and security measures in Japan.

Data Center

ArrowSecurity Center

Hitachi Information Systems operates a security center that specializes in security outsourcing. The center handles security for both the Internet and private intranets and is staffed with experts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Security Center

ArrowBilingual Help Desk
LINC Media analyzes the needs of its clients and dispatches the most appropriate and talented Japanese and foreign engineers to them. They handle system maintenance and the help desk, fix problems with the system and the computers and politely help your foreign and Japanese staff in English or Japanese. Bilingual Help Desk

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