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About Service
The J@pan concierge conceptThe hotel concierge responds to the varied requests of its guests. We are the business version of that. We work with foreign firms that are trying to enter the Japanese market, assisting them in market research, corporate registration, finding employees, setting up an office, IT support and in a variety of other ways, all in English.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of our service is what we like to call "Business Matchmaking." We will introduce you to resellers or agencies and even develop new clients for you.

So, why are we providing this service for you?

Japan is the second largest market in the world. But for foreign companies, this market is a tough one to break into because of differences in business customs and language barriers. Setting up business in Japan can be time-consuming and costly.

But if we do all the prep work for you \ hooking you up with potential clients, agencies and other types of business partners \ before you even set foot in Japan, we think your entry into the Japanese market will be a smooth and easy one.

The J@pan Concierge Service is the integrated service of three companies: LINC Media, Inc., a business consultant for overseas firms operating in Japan; Itoki Corp., Japan's leading office furniture manufacturer and retailer with a client list of 20,000 domestic firms; and Hitachi Information Systems Ltd., part of the Hitachi Group that consists of 477 companies and 242,000 employees. Together we form a powerful support system for foreign companies with an interest in the Japanese market as we match you up with client firms and help set up your business in Japan.

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