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Office Set Up

A One-Stop Shop for Creating Your Office, Factory, Call and Distribution Centers

A One-Stop Shop for Creating Your Office, Factory, Call and Distribution CentersWhether you need temporary or permanent offices, call centers, distribution warehouses or shops, the J@pan Concierge Service will help businesses large and small set up facilities anywhere in the country no matter what the conditions. From selecting a location to designing an office, building a computer network, furnishing and purchasing IT equipment, our service does it all.

All our services are offered in English. That means, you will be able to plan every detailed step of your market entry well ahead of your move to Japan.

Tokyo is not the only business hub in Japan. In recent years, many businesses have established their offices at a lower cost and hired talented staff for less in smaller cities in outlying areas. Municipalities are especially eager to attract call centers and distribution centers to their areas. The J@pan Concierge Service

We will provide you with a list of location candidates. If necessary, we will negotiate with local governments to offer you a more attractive incentive.

Itoki and Hitachi Information Systems have offices all over the country and can offer services that meet your needs no matter where you will be located.

Call Center Relocation Analysis

Setting up Cost-Effective Business Facilities
Setting up Cost-Effective Business FacilitiesHow you set up business facilities in a country as expensive as Japan is very crucial. Japanese office space is at a premium and housing rents tend to be very high. For years, J@pan Concierge member firm Itoki has provided numerous Japanese companies with quality office furniture and, out of a limited footprint, produced workplaces that delivered maximum productivity while remaining high in comfort.

For example, when setting up an office overseas, it's not uncommon for such areas as project management, office design and office furniture to be handled individually by separate companies. When Itoki is in charge, office design, construction, project management as well as furniture manufacturing and sales, are all integrated and therefore can be completed at a lower cost. We can take advantage of Itoki's expertise in this area to create an office or a business facility that's cost effective.

Hitachi Information Systems offers a wide range of IT-related services, from system operation, such as outsourcing and network services, to system integration and architecture, including software development. Hitachi also handles machinery and supply product sales linked to those services.

Itoki's expertise in business facility architecture, Hitachi Information Systems' IT support and LINC Media's bilingual business expertise combine to make a holistic service that provides IT infrastructure for your office, factory or distribution center, office automation apparatus and services necessary to establish your business \ all in English.

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